Bosque de Pomac Historic Sanctuary



Within its nearly 6,000 hectares of forests of carob trees, the Pomac Forest Historic Sanctuary houses a wide variety of species of birds many of them endemic to Peru like the Peruvian Plantcutter (Phytoma Raimondii).

There are 106 bird species registered in the Bosque de Pomac Historic Sanctuary, 17 of which are endemic of Peru.

  1. Tumbes Tyrant (Tumbezia salvini)
  2. Rufous Flycatcher (Myiarchus semirufus) (VU)
  3. Peruvian Plantcutter (Phytotoma raimondii) (EN)
  4. Tumbes swallow (Tachycineta stolzmanni)


Birdwatcher’s Route:

Within the sanctuary, you can take 2 spectacular routes for birdwatching:

  • The route of the Plantcutter begins at the Interpretation center and ends the Ancient Tree.  The walk lasts 45-minute and during the route you will have the chance to see other species such like: Rufus, Whistling Flycatcher, Woodpecker, Turtupilín, Starlings, Nightingale and Chilala.
  • The Tumbes swallow route also starts at the Interpretation Center and finishes at the Mirador Las Salinas. The birds that can be seen on this route include the Tumbes swallow, the Peruvian mining Huerequeque, and many others. This route will take you roughly 30 minutes.


The Best time for visiting is between April and December.


Peruvian Plantcutter (Phytoma Raimondii)