Funding Implementation and Oversight


The strategy of the initiative is to consolidate many of the financial channels flowing into Peru and to consolidate these to create lasting impact in the protected areas of the country.  This means a coordinated effort between various institutions such as the UNDP, PROFONANPE, GEF, the Moore Foundation, and the WWF among others to direct conservation and development project to reach the goals of the initiative.  With this continuous and transparent cooperation, the initiative and its partners are able to outline sustainable development and conservation of the Amazon holistically, creating efficient execution of donor funds and lasting sustainable revenue streams.

The initiative includes a board of directors consisting of donors, as well as representatives from government and other partner entities, oversees the funds from the private donors. The board disburses funding each year, as long as predetermined conditions, including conservation milestones and financial commitments, continue to be met. This ensures that all financial needs to cover activities are committed from the start. It also creates financial incentives to minimize the risk of partners not meeting their obligations throughout implementation.

The private funds are managed by PROFONANPE, which specializes in raising and managing financial resources aimed at implementing programs and projects that contribute to biodiversity conservation, mitigation and adaptation to climate change. PROFONANPE, a private nonprofit legally established in 1992, has been a project administrator for the World Bank, KfW (German Development Bank), the Global Environmental Facility, United States Agency for International Development, International Fund for Agricultural Development and the Swedish Government. In 2015, it was accredited by the Green Climate Fund and the Adaptation Fund as an implementing agency.