The natural wealth of Peru is known internationally as being especially bountiful, and its protected areas, which cover 17% of its national territory, are the main reason Peruvian Biodiversity is so well conserved.  Tambopata National Reserve and Manu national park, alone, are considered the most megadiverse protected areas in the world.

Due to this exemplary system of protected areas, It is no wonder that Peru has become a premier tourist destination for birdwatching, even more so given that 37% of its Important Birdlife Area (IBA) in Peru are Protected Areas and 28 Protected areas are considered as Important Birdlife Area in their entirety or partially.

With more than 1800 bird species yet known, the potential for Peru to become a birdwatching paradise is on the near horizon. Especially since within protected areas around Peru, rare and even new bird species are sighted and discovered that can pleasantly surprise, and amaze even the most experienced birdwatchers.

This is the perfect time to take advantage of an opportunity to visit a country blessed with natural wonders waiting to be discovered. Pack up your binoculars and come experience our natural heritage with us!