Sustainable financial solutions


The unique PFP model requires that SERNANP generate its own revenue streams that, by the end of the initiative’s 10-year period for phase 1, are generating enough revenue for the protected areas to bridge the financial gap between the current annual budget for SERNANP and the optimal budget for effective management.

The Peruvian PFP initiative is designed to improve existing revenue sources and innovate with new sustainable ways to generate revenue for the Protected Areas to ensure SERNANP can continue to effectively manage its areas long after the initiative runs its course.

A vital component of these sustainable solutions is the inclusion of local communities in the benefits of protected area revenue.  SERNANP knows that to maintain healthy and transparent relationships with local communities is the best way to ensure continued conservation of the protected areas.  With that in mind, we are focusing on possible revenue streams that can mutually benefit the protected areas and allied local communities.



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