Tambopata National Reserve


An awe-inspiring wildlife refuge that preserves several distinct ecosystems of pristine Amazon Rainforests.  The Tambopata National Reserve is a must visit area that offers the greatest variety of bird species for any protected area in the world, placing it right at the top of any birdwatcher’s list of destinations.  

There are 648 bird species in the National Reserve.

  1. Black Tinamou (Tinamus osgoodi) (VU)
  2. Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) (NT)
  3. Scarlet-hooded Barbet (Eubucco tucinkae)
  4. Peruvian Recurvebill (Syndactyla ucayalae) (NT)

Birdwatcher’s route:

The reserve offers three must-see routes for any and all birdwatchers:

  • Lake Cocococha: on the right bank of the Tambopata River. Duration time: 2 hours by waterway or by boat followed by an hour and a half hike until reaching the Lake).
  • Chuncho Collpa: On the left bank of the Tambopata River.Duration time: 5 and a half hours by boat.
  • Colorado Macaw: A 7 hour boat ride through the Tambopata river.

Best time for visiting between April and September.

Harpy eagle
(Harpia harpyja)